Numerische Methoden der Thermofluiddynamik II


Dr.-Ing. Manuel M√ľnsch


Zeit und Ort:

  • Mo 14:15-15:45 Uhr, KS II

Studienfächer / Studienrichtungen

WPF CBI-MA 123 (ECTS-Credits: )
WPF CE-MA-TA-TFD 123456789ABCDEF (ECTS-Credits: )
WPF MB-DH 123 (ECTS-Credits: )
WF MB-MA 123 (ECTS-Credits: )
WPF LSE-MA 123 (ECTS-Credits: )
WPF CEN-MA 123 (ECTS-Credits: )

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

Fluid Mechanics I,II


1. Curvilinear grids

2. Turbulent flows

3. Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS)

4. Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS)

5. Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

6. Particulate and multiphase flows

7. Fluid-structure Interaction

8. Flows in porous media

The students

- Know how to solve CFD problems in curvilinear grids
- Understand the main properties of turbulent flows
- Understand the strengths and weaknesses of widely used simulation models of turbulence
- Select the appropriate model and boundary equations for a given application
- Be able to perform turbulence and complex flows simulations with OpenFOAM
- Work in team and write a report describing the results and significance of a simulation of turbulent flow