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Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik (LSTM)


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  • Jovicic, Vojislav; Takacs, Ronny; Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Schmitt, Kilian; Hussein, Mohamed; Becker, Thomas; Delgado, Antonio;
    Experimental characterization of the newly developed baking oven based on the gas-fired, porous volumetric ceramic burner (VCB) technology
    Vortrag: 30th EFFoST International Conference
    Wien, 30.11..2016

  • Jovicic, Vojislav; Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Kaiser, Viktor; Delgado, Antonio;
    Optimierung des Temperaturfeldes in einer innovativen Backofentechnik mit porösen volumetrischen keramischen Brenner
    Vortrag: DECHEMA - Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Lebensmittelverfahrenstechnik
    Erlangen, 10.3..2016


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    Characterization of the heat transfer within the baking oven based on the volumetric ceramic burner (VCB) technology
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  • Jovicic, Vojislav; von Issendorff, Franz; Kempe; Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Delgado, Antonio;
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    In: VDI; (Hrsg:) Verbrennung und Feuerung : 27. Deutscher Flammentag
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  • Jovicic, Vojislav; Friedmann, Eva; Regensburger, Christoph; Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Delgado, Antonio;
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  • Jovicic, Vojislav; Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Kempe; Delgado, Antonio; Weis, R.; Dannehl, M.; Pritzkow, Walter; Grenz, Reinhard;
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  • Jovicic, Vojislav; Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Groß, Frauke; Jung, Isabella; Seok, Julie; Kim, Yoonjin; Delgado, Antonio;
    Overview of experimental evaluation of innovative non-thermal plasma treatment of biotic and abiotic matter
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  • Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Beier; Nienhaus, Christoph; Jovicic, Vojislav; Bauer, Herbert; Delgado, Antonio;
    Optimization of inlet mixture quality by means of third gas for regenerative porous burners with highly preheated air
    In: Lund University; (Hrsg:) Proceedings of the 6th European Combustion Meeting (ECM 6)
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  • Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Altendorfner, Miriam; Steven, Martin; Trimis; Delgado, Antonio;
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  • Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Frandsen, Flemming; Jensen, Peter Arendt; Glarborg, Peter;
    Heat transfer in ash deposits: A modelling tool box
    In: Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 31 (2005), S. 371-421
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.pecs.2005.08.002]


  • Zbogar-Rasic, Ana; Frandsen, Flemming;
    Surface emissivity of coal ashes
    In: Online Journal of IFRF (2003), S. 200305